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September 26, 2022 News: Congrats to all teams racing at the Christie Lake Dragon Boat Festival on Sept. 24th.  The Barracudas, Guns n Roses, We Will Rock You, and a Motley Crew composite team all worked hard to complete 6 races each, and collectively won 5 medals.  Congrats to all participating athletes!  The Barracudas team continued to build on their successes at the Canada Day and Guelph Regattas with 4 medals At Christie Lake in the "A" Division (bronze in 200m, gold in 200m Back It Down, gold in Figure Eight Race, and silver in 2000m race.  They were arguably the top team overall.  And they are recruiting!

Our 2022 season is almost over and we had a great summer with our various individual teams, our Rusty Dragons family, and the larger dragon boat community.  Our move to our new practice site went pretty well and we will assess if we will return in 2023. 



Check out our 2022 teams.  Use the "Teams" dropdown menu at the top of this page to see each team's details.  

Below is a status update on each team.

Barracudas - Our competitive team

We Will Rock You 

Liberty Waves I and II
Gun n Roses
Library of Conquest

Pink Crusaders & Supporters

Motley Crew - Canada Day >> Silver in "A"
Motley Crew - GWN Sport Regatta >> Gold in "B"
Motley Crew - Christie Lake >> Gold in "G" Mystery Race
Motley Crew International - Orlando >> October 15th
Join this team if you are practicing with a non Rusty Dragons team but want to join a mixed gender collective team to race at our own event on Canada Day - just race day, no practices)

Spirit Dragons >> Youth/Adults with a developmental disability.

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Our teams

Rusty Dragons offer a unique range of coached and collective teams. Select any of our teams to learn more about registration, practices and regattas.


Our new competitive team that practices twice a week.


Pink Crusaders

A Toronto breast cancer survivor (BCS) dragon boat racing team practicing once-a-week near Woodbine Beach.

Pink Crusaders

Harbord Village

They finished their season on Canada Day, where they placed 2nd place (silver)!

Harbord Village

Guns N' Roses

Coach Natalie looked after the team, then got married on final race day!

Guns N Roses

Liberty Waves

What an amazing event for the LGBTTIQQ2SA community here in the Canada and around the world...


U of T Library of Conquest

Coach Ann and captain Jack led the team to 2nd (silver) on Canada Day.

Libraries of Conquest

Drag'n Angels

The Drag’n Angels is a recreational mixed dragon boat crew consisting of a group of dedicated, LGBT-positive paddlers....

Drag'n Angels

Let Her Ride

We are group of women, of all ages, who love to dragon boat. This is our third year of racing. Our focus is to have fun and improve our skills.

Let Her Ride

Spirit Dragons

This will be the fifth year that the Rusty Dragons have supported teams for youth (aged 14 and up) and young adults with an intellectual disability...

Spirit Dragons

Rusty Belles

Rusty Belles


The Rusty Dragons are excited to form the new competitive team "Barracudas" in our 15th year as a club...


Beach Dragons

This brand new team for 2020 is open to anyone from anywhere in the GTA who wants to practice on Tuesday evenings....

Beach Dragons

We'll Help you
Create New teams

We can help create NEW teams to practice and race, or create team-building events for any organization looking to get out on the water and enjoy the sport. Anyone can enjoy the sport and we can help make it happen! For more information please contact Tim@rustydragons.ca or call 647-971-7332

We'll Help you Create New teams

We also help create NEW teams to practice & race

We also help create NEW teams to practice and race, or create one-off team-building evenings / weekends for any organization looking to get out on the water and enjoy the sport. Anyone can enjoy the sport and we can help make it happen! For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 647-971-7332. Now is the time to plan! The cost for a group of up to 20 for a two hour intro to dragon boating (one hour on land, one hour on water) is under $250 ($12 a person) and the use of paddles and life jackets is included. We can also help create teams with 8 practices (once a week in evenings), and race on Canada Day for about $150/person.

New in 2018: We will pre-set several dates available to run Corporate Team Building for anyone interested. .

Stay tuned for details on our new 3rd team for youth & young adults with a developmental disability.

If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to contact us

We also help others form teams by giving them whatever support they need through the use of shared resources; website pages, budget templates, Survey Monkey Pro for registrations, PayPal and budgeting, booking practices, hiring coaches, etc.