The Rusty Dragons club is all about accessibility and fair play, with a variety of non-profit teams to fit your interest and schedule.  While we will not be in dragon boats in 2021 (same as 2020) we are now providing options for paddlers to try single-person outrigger canoes.  This is being done in small groups of 5 paddlers/boats to each coach and is being made optional to all paddlers.  You can wait until the dragon boats are back, or start to get to know your teammates via club and team membership.  The outrigger program allows paddlers to sign up for 1 to 12 sessions in a pay-as-you-go type arrangement. See the Outrigger Program Page for full details.

Your first step is to register as a member of the club, which is required to participate in club activities as well as before registering with a specific team.  This alone provides you with access to the Outrigger Canoe program and many other events.  The cost is $50 to support the club and our teams.  See the Club Registration Page for details and to register.

Normally in a regular dragon boat year, a team's program consists of a number of weeks of training plus entry into one or more dragon boat regattas,  For example, some teams normally might of had a 8 week program with one regatta, or some have a 20-week program with 2 or 3 regattas.  But with the pandemic, this year is set set like this and teams are hanging on through virtual and other safe outdoor activties like walks, outrigger sessions, etc. 

You can then register with a team if their program suits your interest, schedule, and budget.  See the Teams menu at the top of the page.  While we typically have 10-12 teams, we have reduced that to a core 6 teams during the pandemic to focus on their care as there are fewer people at the moment due to the pandemic. All six teams are open for anyone to register for on a first-come-first-served basis.  New paddlers are welcome on ALL teams (you don't have to start with a specific team).   See the team pages for details on each.  Many don't have a set program so have a $0 base registration fee, to which you can later add optional activities like outrigger canoe lessons, etc.   The Barracudas team is the only one this year with a set program for those motivated for a more competitive experience and race results.  Below is a short summary of each team...

Pink Crusaders - Known for their neon pink jerseys and being a breast cancer survivor (BCS) team.  But the team is open to anyone of any gender who likes pink and this enthusiastic team.  You do not have to be a breast cancer survivor to join.  Their team captains are Nancy and Geri, and their coach is Tim MacFarlane.   This team races more than any other team and have the nickname as the "Raciest Team".  ;)  The team practices on Wednesdays in Outriggers at Sunnyside.

Motley Crew and Guns n Roses - These two sister teams are almost identical in their programs, not just this year when not in dragon boats.  Either is open to new paddlers and both have great coaches (Peter Polyzotis and Natalie Wong respectively) as well as team captains (Anitha/Janelle and Shalini/Babar respectively).  They normally practice on Thursdays together, and this is why the club OC offering is on Thursdays at Sunnyside.

One Gorgeous Boat - This team is made up of members of the LGBTQ community and allies, and are the only team that practices on the weekend (Sunday) during normal dragon boat years.  Their coach is Gary Pang and team captains are Dana and Yvonne.  The team has their own activities planned for Sundays, but paddlers are also encouraged to sign up for some Thursday outrigger sessions.

Libraries of Conquest - This team is made up of library staff, including from U of T and York University, but the team is open to anyone if this fits your interest and schedule.  Their team captains are Jack and Christina, and their long-time coach is Ann Forbes Arndt.  The team is mainly focussing on club level offerings this year, including the Outrigger program on Thursdays.

Barracudas - The newest team at the club.  They have a planned 12-week program which includes twice-a-week activities, including Mondays at Cherry Beach in single-person outrigger canoes, and Wednesdays at Woodbine Park (and various other locations) for fitness training.  Their coaches are Peter Polyzotis and Terence Yu, and their captains are Natalie K and Graeme.  This program is $475 for the 12-weeks and is the only team with a set program (like a normal year).  The team is recruiting people who want to work harder, get fitter, and perform well as a team when we get back to racing.  This team will also host an Outrigger Canoe Relay Race at the end of the summer (all teams invited).

If you have any questions or have any registration issues, please feel free to contact team captains as details on the team pages, or to club owner Tim MacFarlane as detailed in the contact info at the bottom of this (and every) page.