We are a new competitive racing team called the "Barracudas".  We started paddling in Outrigger Canoes in June 2021 at Cherry each, and were very excited to start dragon boating for 10 weeks late in the 2021 season at Outer Harbour.  We are hoping for a more "normal" year in 2022.  The team is for motivated paddlers who want to step up their training and goals to another level.  We welcome motivated new paddlers - no experience is required.  The team has a qualifying fitness test that is very reasonable.

There are just one or two spots left to join the team.  Scroll down for "2022 SUMMER PROGRAM" and see the practice and regatta schedule and cost.   The registration button for the summer program is the dark red button on the left of this page.

The team co-captains are Natalie Kassen and Graeme Kondruss. and our coach is Terence Yu.

Contact our team co-captains if you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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This is the fifth year for this team. Join us and spend your summer months enjoying the paddling, camaraderie, and fresh air on waterfront that comes with this team. New this year is monthly video review - where we take video of team paddling and can look at it later to identify areas where the team can improve. This is an invaluable tool to becoming a better team. We have two dedicated co-captains identified very early on to help plan for an amazing year!

2022 SUMMER Program

NOTE: The summer racing program is now now open for registration via the blue button at the top-left of this page.  It includes 20 weeks with twice weekly practices as detailed below.  

The cost of the summer program is $675.  Payments can be sent via online banking to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a comment on what it is for and for whom.  

Paddlers can also pay in installments:  $400 between Feb 1 and Apr 1, $275 by July 1.  


We are training twice-a-week, Mondays and Thursday evenings.


Mondays & Thursdays : 7:15 to 8:50 PM.
May 2/5/9/12/16/19/23/26/30,
June 2/6/9/13/16/20/23/27/30,
July 4/7/11/14/18/21/25/28, 

Aug 5/8/11/15/18/22/25/29,
Sept 1/8/12/15/19/22/25/29 


Outer Harbour (480 Unwin Street)

(See the Practice Site Page)

New site, plus free unlimited parking.


Terence Yu

Summer races:

This is why we train!  This year we are racing at the following FOUR regattas in order to put our training to the test!


June 4 on Frenchman's Bay in Pickering.  Three races: 1x200m and 2x500m.

Canada Day

Friday July 1 at Centre Island, Toronto.  Four races (500m, 250m, 250m, 500m).  This is our own regatta and this year all teams get 4 races for first time.


August 13 at Guelph Lake.  Three 200m knockout races plus 2000m race.

Christie Lake

September 24 at Christie Lake Conservation Area.  Seven Races: 3x200m, Back-it-Down, Slalom Flag Capture, Surprise Race, and 2000m.

Team Members 

Terence Yu


Natalie Kassen


Graeme Kondruss


  • Natalie Kassen
  • Diane Gropp
  • Shirley Wagar
  • Bill Phu
  • Nelson Grondin
  • Andrew Paterson
  • Jolane Fenner
  • Graeme Kondruss
  • Ilona Perkins
  • Arwen Higgins
  • Vincent Chung
  • Kay Baird
  • Edwin Huang
  • Po-Po Lam
  • Tim MacFarlane
  • Sylvia Richmond
  • Daniel Cheatley
  • Melanie Ward
  • Gemma Bridge
  • Ellen Kempton
  • Geri Arellano