book a party boat!

The Rusty Dragons offer "Corporate Day" dragon boat experiences to the public.   Do you have a group from 16 to 60 people (aged 12 and up) who want to experience a 2,300 year old sport?   We offer dragon boat 101 sessions as a team-building or fun activity for your group.

The standard package is a two-hour experience, including both on-land pre-boarding training on how to paddle and review safety, as well as over an hour on the water with your coach.  The use of paddles and life jackets is included, and there are many optional add-ons that you can choose.   


  • The standard package is a two-hour experience, including an on-land warm-up and coaching, and the on-water paddling.
  • Our training site is at Outer Harbour (480 Unwin Ave) west of Tommy Thompson Park.   Free parking - TTC accessible (10-min walk).
  • Who can participate?  Anyone aged 12 and up, of any fitness level, of any gender, and any level of sport experience (non required).
  • A group can be 14 to 20 people in size (one boat), 24 to 40 people (two boats), and 42 to 60 people (three boats), etc.
  • When there are two or more boats, you have the added fun of having some short races against each other at the end!
  • There are optional add-ons to the experience: tents and tables, pizza or other food, etc.
  • A safety boat and/or NLS certified lifeguard can also be provided (it's safe! but some organizations like schools require it). 
  • Pictures and video will be taken of the group and given to the organizer(s).
  • Explore Nature around Outer Harbour: mink, swans, cormorants, ducks, beavers, and giant carp.
  • Call or message us for availability of a particular time slot for your session - generally between 10 AM and 8 PM daily. 
  • Multiple sessions over weeks can be arranged (example once a week for a few weeks).  A per-session 15% discount applies.
  • The Ultimate experience would be 3-4 practices (minimum) and racing at a real dragon boat festival!
  • Fees range from $413 for a one-boat experience (up to 20 people) and $676 for two boats (up to 40 people).  It averages $17-$21 per person.
  • An invoice is created for review and confirmation of details.  Payment can be by cheque, Interac, credit/debit card (just not Amex), etc.
  • Vaccination and/or wearing masks are not required - but a group can make these rules for themselves.  Our coaches are fully vaccinated.
  • The Rusty Dragons have full insurance for the activities - and a Certificate Of Insurance (COI) can be provided free of charge if requested.
  • While our main site is Outer Harbour in east end of Toronto, other sites are possible (fees are likely higher).  This includes Sunnyside in the west end of Toronto, Bayfront Park in Hamilton, and Frenchman's Bay in Pickering.

If you have any questions, or to register, please call or e-mail Tim MacFarlane as detailed in the contact info at the bottom of this page.