2022 Florida camp

In late 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rusty Dragons had a crew of 21 Canadians and Americans planning to go to this annual training camp in Indian Harbour, Florida.    It is used by paddlers all over the world to kickstart their season and meet up with friends and make new ones.  We have been going since 2007 and the return to camp in 2022 promises to be HUGE as we all return after a two year hiatus.

  • Best camp in the world run by Jim Farintosh (1st inductee in the Dragon Boat Canada Hall of Fame).
  • Best coaches in the world coach at the event - learn from the best!
  • 20th anniversary event and special activities are planned.  
  • Paddling on the scenic Banana River by the Atlantic Ocean, in sight of Cape Canaveral rocket launches.  
  • Paddle with dolphins and manatees twice daily for a week.  Enjoy Florida and the beach every day.
  • Thursday is Causeway Run day where we paddle a 16km loop to distant Causeway and back.  Then afternoon off.
  • Includes at least two video reviews, daily talks on different subjects, morning sunrise yoga, and much more.
  • End the week on the Saturday with a fun 2K race, followed by BBQ and skits (teams roast their coaches).


As the camp often sells out, and we KNOW it will sell out in 2022, we are taking Jim's own advice and starting to build a roster of seriously interested paddlers through this pre-registration process.  There is no cost for this step, and no obligation to actually register later if your circumstances change.  It will allow you to keep up to date and participate in planning and decision making.  Note that camp registration normally opens in October each year and that is when we will formally register as a group.  As a result, we expect that normal registration and payment will open a month in advance of that on September 1st, 2021.

The camp registration cost was in the $420 USD / $480 CAD range in the past and this may change for 2022.  We'll know more details this summer from Jim's published updates.  Note that Jim will have a covid plan in place, and likely require vaccination as well.  He is also likely having fewer boats per week, and fewer people in the boats.  We will focus on one of the weeks available, but this doesn't limit any individual to taking a different week.  He is targeting the four weeks in April 2022 (you sign uo for one week).  

By the way, the collective Rusty Dragons team in 2019 won our week's 2km race!


Use the registration button below to pre-register for this event.  Don't miss the boat! 


If you have any questions, call or e-mail Tim MacFarlane as detailed in the contact info at the bottom of this page.

Cocoa Beach, Florida weather 16 Jan. 2022 18 °C
Wind: 10.49 mph
Humidity: 79% Pressure: 1007 hPa
Mon 11 °C 17 °C
Tue 9 °C 14 °C
Wed 15 °C 14 °C
Thu 15 °C 19 °C
Fri 17 °C 20 °C