Jim Farintosh announced in September 2023 that his annual camp will be back up and running in April 2024, and that he will now be supported administratively by Alkame Dragon Boat Services (Scott Murray and Katy Dunlop).  As usual, the camp runs over three separate weeks, and the consensus of our core Toronto and Denver past participants is to choose week 2 of 3 >> April 7 (Sunday) to April 13 (Saturday), 2024.

Official camp registration opened Oct 1st and we registered the 12 interested people at that time.  The camp soon sold out (week 2) so we have closed our group's registration for this camp. See the note at the bottom right of this page for other options for you if you are still interested.

Locations: Oars and Paddles Park (on water components) and Ascension Lutheran Church (in class sessions, including video review).


For those going and interested, we will try to book a large AirBnB again. 


  • Twice-daily training sessions on the water, with a top coach assigned to us (from Canada, USA, or abroad).
  • The camp fee is $550 CAD or $440 USD.

If you have any questions, or to register, please call or e-mail Tim MacFarlane as detailed in the contact info at the bottom of this page.

2024 Camp Crew Members

Tim MacFarlane (Barracudas - Toronto)

Amanda Johnson (Rock You - Toronto)

Ellen Hurst (Strokes of Luck - Toronto)

Taras Kuzminski (TOHD - Toronto)

Charlene Lucero (Agua Libre - Denver)

Tosha Harry (Agua Libre - Denver)

Kristin Libberton (RPT - Denver)

Gene Mark (Cleveland Dragons)

Diane Gropp (Barracudas - Toronto)

Will Bober (Nichi Bei Go - Denver)

Orly Corcos (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Susan Lee-Anderson (TOHD - Toronto)

(Note: Registration is now closed as the camp is at capacity for week #2 and we have our 12 participants set along with an AirBnB option for us all.  If you want to go you can still register with the camp directly for week 1 or 3, and/or get on the waiting list for week 2 as people do drop out over the months in advance of the mid-April camp).