NOTE:  Jim Farintosh announced that his annual camp will not be running in (April) 2023.  While we hope it will be back in 2024, we have arranged for an alternative camp for 2023 at the Pan Am Spring Camp in Tampa.  As a bonus, the week-long camp in Tampa ends with racing at the Tampa Bay International Dragon Boat Festival!  The dates of the camp are April 23-29, 2023.


We have booked a large AirBnB not far from the venue (thanks Will Bober), so now we are al almost all set!


We are excited to bring a team for the first-time ever to the Pan Am Dragon Boat "Spring Train & Race" program (Week #3) April 23-29, 2023.  This opportunity is open to anyone at the Rusty Dragons or our friends in other Canadian and American cities who know each other via Jim Farintosh's Florida Camp from past years.  This is for serious paddlers who want to start their 2023 season with a bang!    


  • Twice-daily training sessions on the water, with a top coach assigned to us (from Canada, USA, or abroad).
  • INCLUDES racing at the Tampa International Dragon Boat Festival (with the same team we trained with all week).
  • Fee is $455 USD (after a partial discount we received - regular fee is $475 USD.  

  • To register for this team, you must first reserve your seat directly with Pan Am Dragon Boat, then register with Rusty Dragons...
  • 1. Pan Am details and registration link is HERE.  Scroll down to the section entitled "April 23-29 - THE FULL MONTY! SPRING TRAIN & RACE CAMP" and then click on the "Add To Cart" button.  
  • 2. Once registered above, THEN register with the Rusty Dragons so we know you are part of our group and so we can help coordinate travel, accommodations, and plan the whole week together with extra activities for those interested.  To register with Rusty, please click HERE.

If you have any questions, or to register, please call or e-mail Tim MacFarlane as detailed in the contact info at the bottom of this page.

Camp Crew Members

Tim MacFarlane (Barracudas - Toronto)

Freddie Tsao (Agua Libre - Denver)
Carolina Torres (Nichi Bei Go - Denver)

Carol Andrews (Dartmouth, NS)

Gene Mark (Cleveland)

Diane Gropp (Barracudas - Toronto)

Cara Eng (Agua Libre - Denver)

Kristin Libberton (Denver)

Anna Aufdenkampe (Charleston) 

Raquel Timm (Cleveland)

Will Bober (Nichi Bei Go - Denver)
Ryan Loewinsohn (Nichi Bei Go - Denver)

Virginia Roper [Denver] 

Tom Hull (Cleveland)