Registration is still open for the club's general winter training program at Afterburn Fitness.  The program includes 14 weeks of fitness and paddle training on Saturdays from 2:30 to 4:30 PM from Jan. 20 to Apr. 27 (excluding March 30). The program fee is $339 and it is open to anyone in the GTA, including both Rusty Dragons paddlers and those from other teams.  Check out the full details below and if interested please register via the blue "Register for the Program" button below.  The coach for the program will be Jonathan Navarro.

Please note this program is tailored for the average paddler, and all activities come with adaptations for individuals to participate at their own level.  This program is designed to help all paddlers build on their technique systematically and peaking at the end of the program as we start to hit the water again in May.

A WhatsApp group chat will be created for members, and carpooling will be arranged through this group. 

This is a great program for new and experienced paddlers alike as the coach can work beside you, and there are mirrors so you can look at yourself and how you are doing.  We permit guest paddlers when room permits (at $20/session). 


Video is also taken at most pool sessions and shared with members only.  Video is an invaluable tool for paddlers to see themselves individually and as a team.  We can also slow it down and analyze it precisely.  The gym hour is flexible for people of all abilities, in a positive and supportive environment that is fully supervised.

See maps below, as well as the registration button that opens a Survey Monkey form.  Participants are not limited to our Rusty Dragons teams.  More information will be sent to registered members in advance of the first session on Sat Jan 6.  If you have any questions, contact Tim at 647-971-7332 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: If these Saturday sessions don't work for your schedule, contact Tim as you may be able to join the Monday sessions (Barracudas competitive team) evening programs already in progress (7-9 PM).

Use the blue button below to register.  Participants accepted on a first-come-first-served basis to a limit of 24 members.  Payment is separate from registration and can be made via Interac to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".

Pool Paddling FAQs:

Q: Why do we use smaller "pool paddles" for indoor pool paddling?

A: Pool paddles better simulate being in a real dragon boat.  The higher resistance in stagnant pool water is balanced by the reduced resistance of a slightly slimmer paddle (less surface area).  Otherwise, the resistance of paddling can be too high and you'll get tired faster and can't move the paddle through the water as fast as on a dragon boat at a higher speed.  It also minimizes the chance of injury from repetitive paddling under larger-than-normal resistance.  Speed work is key to the sport of dragon boat (VS heavy resistance training).  If you use a regular paddle in the pool, it's like paddling in a real dragon boat but your coach has added a resister (PFDs underwater at the bow or umbrella-like drag devices at the back - like dragging an anchor).   You can paddle that way for a bit, but not very long.  Pool paddles have about 22-25% smaller surface area as compared to regular paddle.  And you can imagine that the water in a pool facility is not traveling at even a 10 km/hr dragon boat cruising speed.