2023 Ice dragon boat FESTIVAL on OTTAWA's RIDEAU CANAL is back!

The event will be held on the weekend of Feb. 3-4, with practice on Friday and races on Saturday.  The details are published below.  To see a great video summary of the event by the organizers to see what it's all about, click HERE.  All indoor activities have moved to nearby spacious HMCS Carleton (entertainment, warming up, standings, etc).  If interested to come and have not registered yet, please register ASAP before we sell out!

LATEST NEWS (Oct 28th): We just registered a 5th team (womens team) teams for this event.  As we are registering 10 people per team, that means 50 seats are up for grabs!  At the moment, 37 of those 50 seats are taken by registrations to date.  There is room for 6 more men and 6 more women. 

ROSTER UPDATE Oct 28/22):  Paddlers are assigned to our teams below (not necessarily final yet) after which team members will be sent team-specific waiver links.  Note that the team names are to promote our various existing teams, but whose members at this event are from many places, inside and outside the club.

Team #1 (Mixed Division) 

"Rusty Dragons - Barracudas"

Drum: Jensen Tsao

1. Tim MacFarlane (Toronto)

2. Freddie Tsao (Denver)

3. Will Bober (Denver) - C

4. Vu Be (Atlanta)

5. Bruce Goldstein (Phialdelphia)

6. Kara Drayer (Atlanta)

7. Rosalind Lee (Denver)

8. Diane Gropp (Toronto) - C

9. Babette Hudson-Tsao (Denver)

10. Leeana Ramos (Denver)

Team #2 (Mixed Division)
"Rusty Dragons - Motley Crew"


Drum: Lydia Tsao

1. Hamza Shahzad (Toronto) - C

2. Corbin Sparks (Toronto)

3. Bill Phu (Toronto)

4. Kelvin Chung (Denver)


6. Cris Raagas (Toronto) - C

7. Khiet Long (Berkeley CA)

8. Judy Vye (Toronto)

9. Estelle McCalmont (Markham)

10. Maria Danielson (Berkeley CA)

Team #3 (Mixed Division)
"Rusty Dragons - We Will Rock You"


Drum: Jensen Tsao

1. Susan Nguyen (Toronto)

2. Chantal Marier (Toronto)

3. Shida Yari (Stoney Creek) - C

4. Cara Eng (Denver)

5. Melanie Ward (Toronto) 






Team #4 (Womens Division)

"Rusty Dragons - Rusty Belles"

Drum: Lydia Tsao

1. Greta Bunin (Philsdelphia)

2. Doris Dougherty (Philadelphia)

3. Ruth Dougherty (Philadelphia)

4. Rosalind Lee (Denver) - C

5. Diane Gropp (Toronto)

6. Babette Hudson-Tsao (Denver)

7. Susan Nguyen (Toronto) - C

8. Chantal Marier (Toronto)

9. Judy Vye (Toronto)

10. Estelle McCalmont (Markham)

Team #5 (Womens Division)

"Rusty Dragons - Cold Ice"

Drum: Lydia Tsao

1. Cara Eng (Denver)

2. Maria Danielson (Berkeley CA)

3. Khiet Long (Berkeley CA)

4. Shida Yari (Stoney Creek)

5. Leeana Ramos (Denver)

6. Kara Drayer (Atlanta)

7. Melanie Ward (Toronto)





Team Members 

Terence Yu


Natalie Kassen


Graeme Kondruss


  • Natalie Kassen.
  • Diane Gropp.
  • Shirley Wagar
  • Bill Phu.
  • Nelson Grondin.
  • Andrew Paterson
  • Jolane Fenner
  • Chantal Marier.
  • Lilia Marshe.

  • Graeme Kondruss.
  • Ilona Perkins.
  • Arwen Higgins
  • Vincent Chung.
  • Kaola Baird.
  • Edwin Huang.
  • Po-Po Lam.
  • Susan Nguyen.
  • Oleg Paikoff.
  • Tim MacFarlane.
  • Sylvia Richmond.
  • Daniel Cheatley.
  • Melanie Ward.
  • Gemma Bridge
  • Ellen Kempton
  • Geri Arellano
  • Hamza Shahzad.