2022 Ice dragon boat FESTIVAL on OTTAWA's RIDEAU CANAL is back!

The event will be held on the weekend of Feb. 11-12, with practice on Friday and races on Saturday.  The details are published below.  To see a great video summary of the event by the organizers to see what it's all about, click HERE.  All indoor activities have moved to nearby spacious HMCS Carleton (entertainment, warming up, standings, etc).  If interested to come and have not registered yet, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

LATEST NEWS: (Jan 4th) We are waiting to see if the event is still a GO despite the advance of the Omicron COVID-19 variant.  We will assume it is a go for now and are working on accommodations and transportation.

ROSTER UPDATE (as of Noon on Dec 21/21):  Registration for our three teams is now CLOSED.  If you still want to go then contact us and we'll attempt to find you a team.  Listed below is the TENTATIVE assignment of paddlers to teams.  This will be finalized once we have the final roster and can balance everything off as far as paddlers and steers and blancing of men/women.  This is very close however at this point.  We are trying to keep regular team members together.  A major email update will be sent out to registered members soon.    

Team #1 (Mixed Division) 

"CanAm Dragons"

1. (C) Rosalind Lee (Toronto, Denver)

2. Tim MacFarlane. (Barracudas)

3. Freddie Tsao (Agua Libre)

4. Babette Hudson-Tsao

5. Bruce Goldstein (River Runners)

6. Estelle McCalmont (Pink Crusaders. PDBC)

7. Will Bober (Team CODA)

8. Bill Phu. (Barracudas)

9. Emily Begle (PFP)

10. Nancy Evelhoch (PFP)

11. Judy Vye (PDBC, TOHD, Heat,...)

12. Coach/Steer: TBD

Team #2 (Womens Division)

"Rusty Belles"

1. (C) Wendy Schwartz (Cooper River DBC)

2. Estelle McCalmont (Pink Crusaders)

3. Rosalind Lee (Toronto,Denver,Vermont)

4. Joanne Hoffmann (Cooper River DBC)

5. Carole Wehn (Cooper River DBC)

6. Sheila Kennedy (Cooper River DBC)

7. Anita Li (Cooper River DBC)

8. Lori Kaluhiokalani (Cooper River DBC)

9. Judy Vye (PDBC, TOHD, Heat,...)

10. Grace Woods  (Cooper River DBC)


12. Coach/Steer: Tim MacFarlane

Team #3 (Mixed Division)

1. (C) Joanne Hoffman (Cooper River DBC)

2. Chantal Marier (Pink Crusaders)

3. Hamza Shahzad. (One Gorgeous Boat)

4. Samuel Byland (PDBA)

5. Wendy Schwartz (Cooper River DBC)

6. Carole Wehn (Cooper River DBC)

7. Anita Li (Cooper River DBC)

8. Lori Kaluhiokalani (Cooper River DBC)

9. Sheila Kennedy (Cooper River DBC)

10. Grace Woods (Cooper River DBC)


12. Coach/Steer: Will Bober